The Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG), is a Community that aims to enhance the food and agricultural products whose characteristics do not depend on the geographical origin but by a traditional composition of the product, from a typical recipe or by a method traditional production. The Neapolitan Pizza became the February 5, 2010.
Neapolitan pizza, the dough soft and thin but high sides (called “ledge”), is the Neapolitan version of the round pizza and also on a global scale, it is also seen as the quintessential Italian pizza.
According to the specification for the definition of international standards for the certification with the Pizza Napoletana TSG cooking must be done in a wood oven at about 485 ° C for about 90 seconds.
For boasting the brand TSG, the only operation that can be done to prepare the machine. The cut into pats and handling the dough to get the disc must be made by hand.
The peculiarity of the Neapolitan pizza is due mainly to its dough to be produced with a mixture similar to that for bread, that is completely free of fat, soft and elastic, hand-laid in the form of the disc without touching the edges that will form in cooking a typical “frame” of 1 or 2 cm while the pasta at the center will be about 3 mm high. A quick passage in a very hot oven must leave moist and soft, not overcooked.
In the strictest tradition of Neapolitan cuisine are provided only two options regarding the seasoning. The Pizza Marinara with tomato, garlic, oregano and olive oil and the Pizza Margherita with tomatoes, Mozzarella TSG strips, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO cubes or Fior di latte, basil and olive oil.