The Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG), is a Community that aims to enhance the food and agricultural products whose characteristics do not depend on the geographical origin but by a traditional composition of the product, from a typical recipe or by a method traditional production. Mozzarella has become the November 26, 1998.
Mozzarella TSG is a fresh cheese with spun and soft with a spherical shape, has a tender skin, a homogeneous surface smooth and shiny and is milky white. The paste is layered and, once cut or slightly flattened, releases a milky liquid. It is a soft cheese and slightly elastic, which can be broken easily by hand and that blends easily.
Mozzarella TSG has a fragrant aroma and delicate slightly sour milk, the taste is tangy and fresh.
The raw materials used are; whole milk that comes in raw dairy, liquid bovine rennet and salt. We do not use food additives and processing aids even several, but only natural ingredients and quality.
The milk is pasteurized by heating to a minimum temperature of 71.7 ° C for at least 15 seconds, then are added to the natural starter and liquid bovine rennet. Once blended all the ingredients, the curd is cut and left to mature. Then the dough is cut into pieces mature to spin then the paste with hot water to which can be added to the salt.
After this process always working hot pasta, mozzarella balls are formed which is then firmed in cold water and then move on to packaging.


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