Spressa Giudicarie becomes part of the official list of typical Italian products with the certification POD (protected designation of origin) that was released on 23 December 2003.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Trentino Alto Adige.
Spressa Giudicarie PDO is a cheese semimagro table, semi-hard and natural fermentation. The production area is located in the Western Trentino (Giudicarie, especially Val Rendena and Val di Ledro), partly within the Adamello-Brenta.
At one time it was produced in a traditional way to farms, before transferring the cows pasture. Today, the production, for the most part, is obtained in the dairy Pinzolo (about 50 tons of milk per day from which are extracted on average 54 forms).
In the past Spressa Giudicarie PDO was essentially a product ‘residual’, farmers and cheese makers were trying to get milk from the greatest possible amount of butter, well paid by the local market. What remained was used for the production of a cheese poor, whose consumption was reserved almost exclusively for the family farmer. The name “Spressa” comes from the dialect “spress”, ie the mass congealed juice.
Today Spressa Giudicarie PDO is not skinny like a long time, because it would be more acceptable to the consumer, but it’s still a low-fat cheese.
Today the situation has changed in part because they were introduced modern equipment that ensure compliance with current hygiene rules, but remained unchanged the attention and care that you put into the production of this cheese. Even the procedures and methods of production, although with the necessary technological adjustments, were strictly those of the past. The use of raw milk only allows the production of a genuine cheese, with aromas, scents and flavors that are characteristic and is derived primarily from the local hay used.
Spressa Giudicarie PDO is now a cheese semimagro table, which can be eaten as early as three months from production in the young version and the version after six seasoned. Maturation takes place in cool and ventilated. The production period from 10 September to 30 June. Most of the milk used is produced from cows of the Rendena feed mainly with hay. The milk, raw and semi-skimmed milk, comes from two milkings, one in the morning and the evening.
The scent, after seasoning of three to four months, is intense and strong and knows especially dried fruit. The aroma is of cooked milk and that of boiled vegetables. The taste is sharp, intense and sweet, stronger version seasoned. The shapes are cylindrical (diameter 35 cm) and have an average weight varying from 8 to 10 Kg. The rind is smooth and thin, pasta, light straw color, has a sparse holes of medium size. The sides are almost straight and small size (about 9 cm), and brings the brand Spressa.


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