The Teroldego joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification DOC (denomination of controlled origin) that was released February 18, 1971.
Being a DOC certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Trentino Alto Adige.
The designation of origin Teroldego is reserved for wines in the types Teroldego, Teroldego Rotaliano Rosato or Kretzer, Teroldego Reserve (aged at least 24 months) and Teroldego Superior.
The production area of ​​the grapes used to produce the wine Teroldego DOC includes some municipalities in the Province of Trento.
The wine Teroldego when released for consumption must have the following characteristics:
Teroldego (in red type or Rubino):
– Colour: Intense ruby ​​red, sometimes with violet edges;
– Odor: characteristic, pleasantly fruity, very intense;
– Taste: dry, fruity, slightly bitter, with a slight almond taste, a bit ‘of body and slightly tannic;
– Minimum alcohol content: 11,50% vol.
Teroldego (in rosato type or kretzer):
– Color: pink, tending to garnet;
– Odor: characteristic, pleasantly fruity;
– Taste: dry, fruity, slightly bitter, with a slight taste of almonds;
– Minimum alcohol content: 11,50% vol.
Teroldego Rotaliano Superior and Superior Reserve:
– Color: ruby ​​red more or less intense reddish brick;
– Smell: pleasant, ethereal and persistent characteristic;
– Taste: dry, savory, filled with pleasant bitter aftertaste, a little ‘tannic, harmonious;
– Minimum alcohol content: 12% vol.
– 100% Teroldego
Serving temperature: around 16 ° C – 18 ° C young, 18 ° C – 20 ° C aging.
Serving suggestions: excellent with meat, including game as well as the cheeses.


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