Potato Sila becomes part of the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PGI (protected geographical indication) that was released on October 9, 2010.
Being a product of PGI certification requires that at least one phase of the production process should be carried out in the region of Calabria.
Potato Sila PGI is a product of the mountain, plateau calabrese cultivated at an altitude of 1,200 meters, pristine environment of the Sila National Park. The soil rich in potassium, irrigation with spring water and a microclimate with large temperature ranges give it unique features. The production area includes municipalities in the Province of Cosenza and Catanzaro.
It ‘a tuber of Solanum Tuberosum, of the family Solanaceae, product varieties Agria (yellow flesh), Desiree (red), Company, Majestic, Marabel and Nicola. Round, round-oval or long oval, with tough skin after rubbing, has a higher than average percentage of starch and a firm flesh, with a high percentage of dry matter, which guarantees the high quality cuisine and a special indication frying.
Its features make it suitable for the conservation and are due to climatic conditions, in fact, is cultivated on land tends to be sandy and porous and easy to work and growth is steady and slow, because so favored by the extremely dry in summer and cold winter, with daily temperature and radiation prolonged.
The cultural link Potato Sila PGI with its territory of origin, is also emphasized by the wide use of the potato in many recipes of traditional local cuisine, such as “pasta, potatoes and eggs”, “pasta and baked potatoes”, ” pasta, potatoes and zucchini “,” pasta, potatoes, fennel and meat “.


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