The White Onion of Margherita joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PGI (protected geographical indication) that was released on October 20, 2015.
Being a PGI certification requires that at least one phase of the production process should be made in Puglia region.
The White Onion of Margherita PGI is a fresh product, characterized by white bulbs, tender and with a high sugar content. Depending on the production period, four local ecotypes different: ‘Marzaiola’ or ‘Aprilatica’, ‘Maggiaiola’, ‘Giugniese’ and ‘Lugliatica’.
In particular, the characteristics of the different selections are: ‘Marzaiola’ or ‘Aprilatica’: early type (harvest period from mid-March) with shape flattened at the poles; ‘Maggiaiola’: compared to the previous year it is less early and form is less crushed (May harvest period); ‘Giugniese’ and ‘Lugliatica’: are late (June to mid-July harvest period).
The White Onion of Margherita PGI is white in color and has a sweet succulent flavor.
The product can be packed in boxes of 10 kg or 5 kg and in the network by 0.5 kg or 1.0 kg.