The Table Grapes Mazzarrone becomes part of the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PGI (protected geographical indication) that was released on April 5, 2003.
Being a product of PGI certification requires that at least one phase of the production process should be carried out in the region of Sicily.
The production area includes various relevant geographical areas straddling the provinces of Catania and Ragusa.
The Table Grapes Mazzarrone PGI presents berries spherical-ellipsoidal peel black, red or white, from the firm flesh of sweet and tasty. The size of the cluster must be a minimum of 350-400 grams depending on the variety.
The Table Grapes Mazzarrone PGI plays a leading role in the local agricultural economy, being able to cross national borders to reach not only the most important markets in Europe, but also those of some countries outside Europe.
The Table Grapes Mazzarrone PGI is very durable, it can be stored for more than a month in the environment at very low temperature and with a high rate of humidity. In addition to fresh consumption is used as an ingredient in desserts, jams and juices.


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