The Spelt of Monteleone of Spoleto joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin) that was released July 16, 2010.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Umbria.
The climatic conditions of the production area, with soils that prevent stagnation in wet seasons, help to define the specific characteristics of Spelt of Monteleone of Spoleto PDO, such as ear flat, short, tapered and caryopsis light brown amber, which presents vitreous and compact with mealy residues fracture.
It is recommended to keep the Spelt of Monteleone of Spoleto PDO in a cool, dry, vacuum or glass containers. It can be eaten as a first course, side dishes, cold plate or dish, bearing in mind that should be kept in water for about 48 hours or a minimum of 12 before taking it to cook for about two hours. Spelt, husked and the triturated, which do not need to be soaked, cooked in a shorter time, generally between 20 and 30 minutes.
Rich in vitamins and minerals, the Spelt of Monteleone of Spoleto PDO is key ingredient for soups and refreshing energy, as well as many local dishes.


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