Cherry Etna becomes part of the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin) that was released December 22, 2011.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Sicily.
The PDO Cherry Etna is attributed to the fruits of sweet cherry “Prunus avium L.”. The color is bright red, of medium-large, crisp on the outside, a very compact pulp inside and stalk along. The fruit is sweet but not cloying, low acidity gives it a very pleasant taste and balanced.
The production area of ​​PDO is the Province of Catania and stretches from the Ionian Sea up to altitudes of 1600 meters above sea level on the slopes of Etna East and Southeast.
Cherry Etna PDO is collected in the months of June and July, is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, potassium, anthocyanins that protect the heart and antioxidants that slow the aging of tissues and cells.
Eaten fresh or used as an ingredient for the preparation of jams, liqueurs and sweets.

Sweet cherry isolated on white

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