Toma Piemontese joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin) which was issued on 21 June 1996.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the Piedmont region.
Piedmont is a land of great cheeses and has linked his name to many local products. Among these there is certainly Toma Piemontese PDO, which s’origina on alpine pastures and slowly descends to the valley over the centuries, the most common cheese and probably oldest, certainly is the one that best expresses the character of a land that is born from a deep and inseparable with the mountains that surround it. It should also be remembered that the Toma Piemontese PDO, born as cheese in areas typically mountain and valley, has spread over time even in lowland areas for about margari. The name Toma in the folk tradition has been frequently combined with a geographical indication (Toma Ormea, Toma of Biella, Toma di Susa, Toma of Piode, Toma of Boves, Toma di Lanzo, etc.) To represent similar products and in any case However, all inspired by the same matrix.
The cheese comes in circular forms with flat or semipiane with a diameter of 15-35 cm and a barefoot varying between 6-12 cm; also the weight of each form, therefore, is very variable and lies between 1.8 kg and 8 kg. Toma Piemontese PDO presents taste characteristics different depending on whether it is the traditional production obtained from whole milk or half-fat variant obtained with skim milk.
In the first case the rind is elastic and smooth with a straw-colored, reddish brown, depending on the seasoning, while the pasta has a pale yellow color with minute holes and widespread; the flavor that results is sweet and pleasant, delicate aroma. In the variant semi-fat crust is inelastic, the rustic look of color ranging from straw to reddish brown, the paste is white in color with minute holes and the flavor is intense and harmonious, fragrant aroma that becomes more characteristic with seasoning.
Maturing takes place in traditional caves or in a suitable environment with a humidity of about 85% and the temperature is between 6 ° C and 10 ° C, during this phase, the cheeses are turned over, sometimes washing the flat surfaces with a solution of water and salt. The minimum duration of this period is 60 days for the forms weighing more than 6 kg and 15 days for the forms of lower weight.
And ‘the only PDO cheese the production of which affects the whole region as the area of ​​origin of the milk, processing, curing and processing of cheese Toma Piemontese PDO includes the entire territory of the province of Cuneo, Turin, Biella, Vercelli , Novara and Verbania and some municipalities in the province of Asti and Alessandria.


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