Puzzone Moena becomes part of the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin), which was released November 19, 2013.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Trentino Alto Adige.
The earliest records date back to the post-war officially documented when farmers brought the milk to the cheese factory, where it was weighed and the dairyman Institute for the transformation. At the end of each month breeder withdrew its share of the product and if the stagionava in the cellar; here arranged to bathe regularly the rind with water and salt.
This treatment created a layer practically impermeable that favored inside the anaerobic fermentations, with odors and aromas characteristic hindering while other undesired fermentation. So a cheese with a strong taste and a pronounced flavor that had made a lot on the table of rural poor people of the past, that is, with a small amount is very special flavor to the dish. The yield on the table and the success of the product, are the elements that have given rise to and maintain over time this type of cheese production that, in more recent times, has spread even if to a lesser extent, in dairies in the Val di Fiemme. The production of the dairy capital of Moena (now united with that of Predazzo) is marketed since the early eighties with the logo “Puzzone Moena” or “Spretz Tzaorì” and under that name is known locally, but also at the provincial level and national.
It ‘a cheese very distinctive, recognizable for the crust moist, covered with a greasy film, particularly for the sharp smell and the unmistakable taste. When cut, it presents a pasta filled with white or pale yellow with a few well. It is obtained from raw milk and is aged a minimum of 90 days up to a maximum of 8-10 months. It ‘a tasty cheese that meets the favor of consumers who appreciate the flavors of the things of the past. The name was introduced in the early seventies, as the cheese, dall’autoconsumo went to a progressive marketing outside the production areas. The name “Stinky” clearly defines the characteristics of the product; the term “Spretz Tzaorì” is the translation Ladin. The production of Puzzone Moena PDO takes place exclusively in the dairy Predazzo and Moena, which monitors compliance with specific and strict standards of milk production and processing of the same.
Even the aging takes place exclusively in the warehouses of the dairy of Predazzo and Moena. Here all forms of Puzzone 13000 Moena PDO, following the tradition and values ​​of the past, thanks to the thousands of “secrets” of the handmade daily, the pine boards of the Val di Fiemme, the ninety days of thoughtfulness and attention to part of the employees and to “know how to wait” for the right time following the rhythms of nature and the market, turn into the cheese that you can enjoy on your table every day, from Puzzone Fresh, to Puzzone Seasoned up to that Stravecchio.


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