The Saffron of Sardinia joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin) that was released February 3, 2009.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Sardinia.
The morphological characteristics and soil and climate of certain areas of Sardinia, combined with traditional techniques of cultivation and processing handed down from father to son, allow to obtain a product with organoleptic characteristics and taste unique and unmistakable.

A careful qualitative analysis of saffron produced in Sardinia was, in fact, found that the average content of crocin (the element to which it is connected coloring power of saffron), picrocrocin (the element to which they are related effects euptetici and the corrective flavor) and safranal (the element to which are associated with flavoring properties) is significantly higher than the norm. These peculiar features express the strong bond of the product with the territory of origin, particularly suited for both its potential for human and favorable climatic conditions.

The Zafferano di Sardegna PDO owes its particular, in addition to soil and climate aspects of the production area, the farming techniques, processing and transformation of the product.
From the start of the crop, with meticulous selection of the propagation material, until harvest, husking, drying, storage, man intervenes bringing knowledge and practices handed down over time that will produce a high quality product.


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