The Cinta Senese joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin) that was released March 15, 2012.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process should be made in the Tuscany region.
Breed of ancient origins, has spread to its robustness, rusticity and easy adaptability breeding in the wild in the woods or in grasslands grazed from which it draws part of his livelihood by eating fruits, grass and grains. This animal lives well in Tuscany just a result of the type of pastures and forests present. And from these territorial peculiarities that derive also the unique characteristics of its power and the taste of the meat of the protected PDO. The Cinta Senese feeds fact of acorns and cereals arising from Tuscany. In the 50s most of the Tuscan peasant families bred this pig, but the introduction of the races “white” has marked the development up to take her to the early 80’s on the brink of extinction. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of local farmers and processors, the Consortium and the active support of public institutions, the Tuscany Region and the Province of Siena, as well as a detailed research conducted by the University of Florence, to date it has about 140 farms and on about 5000 head. The quality of the meat of Cinta Senese, thanks to extensive farming which reinforces the testimony of the ancient tradition of pig raising in the region, has enabled farmers, organized in the Consortium, to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin exclusively pigmeat animals born, raised and slaughtered in Tuscany, resulting from the coupling of subjects enrolled in Anagraphic Register and / or Herd Book of the genetic type Cinta Senese. The meat of Cinta Senese are characterized by a strong presence of marbling fat. In the transformation in meats and sausages, the products are characterized by the organoleptic properties that make them true excellence of the Tuscan tradition.


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