The Cozza Scardovari becomes part of the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin), which was released November 26, 2013.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process should be made in the Veneto region.
The Cozza Scardovari PDO is a bivalve mollusc elongated shell with black-purple; the valves are convex, almost triangular in shape and have thin concentric striations. The collection of Mussels Scardovari PDO takes place by the time the product reaches the minimum marketable size of 5 cm; are quite frequent specimens longer than 10 cm. The entire production process is managed by the Consorzio Cooperative Fishermen of the Polesine, one of the major Italian and European breeding and marketing of mussels.
The Cozza Scardovari PDO is produced with farms on poles within an area of ​​12 hectares of land granted within the Sacca of Scardovari, vast stretch of water between the mouth of the Po Celebrities and Po of Tolle . It is a transition lagoon environment where mussel farming is practiced by the late ’60s, now reaching high levels of productivity, thanks to the combination of environmental factors that make this area particularly suited to this activity. Offshore, off the areas of Rosolina and Scardovari, is bred on a total area of ​​1600 hectares, in floating rigs (offshore) with farming systems in suspension (long-line). The peculiarity of the environment of the lagoons of the Po Delta gives the Cozza Scardovari PDO a much higher quality, and a very delicate flavor.
The product is subjected to purification, cleaning and sorting before packing; is then packaged in a plastic mesh bag on which is affixed to the product label. The Cozza Scardovari PDO can be purchased from the fish markets of the territory polesano or at the store direct Consorzio Cooperative Fishermen in Scardovari.


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