The loaf Dittaino joined the official list of typical Italian products with the certification PDO (protected designation of origin) that was released June 18, 2009.
Being a product PDO certification requires that the entire production process must be carried out in the region of Sicily.
The loaf Dittaino PDO is distinguished from other products in the same category in particular the consistency of the crust and the light yellow color and large bubbles fine-grained compact and uniform crumb. Another special feature of the loaf Dittaino PDO is the ability to remain unchanged for over five days the sensory characteristics such as smell, taste and freshness.
These special features are undoubtedly related and therefore closely related to wheat that acts as the main raw material and predominant in the production process and that thanks to the climate characteristics of the area in question takes values ​​high quality.
II hard wheat, as evidenced by the testimony sturgeon, has always been used for breadmaking, unlike other parts of Italy where it was and is employed wheat flour, able to get a product that maintained for a period of time one week the main sensory characteristics.
The origin of the loaf Dittaino PDO is provided for by the long historical and cultural tradition that has characterized the area comprising the territory of most of the province of Enna and the province of Catania.
Always the durum wheat cultivation area including some municipalities of Enna and Catania (in the area crossed by the river Dittaino) was one of the main pillars of the local economy by coating a significant value both social and environmental and cultural.
The loaf Dittaino PDO is presented in the traditional round shape with a size of between 500 and 1,100 grams. The crust, of a thickness between 3 and 4 mm, is of average toughness. The crumb is pale yellow with large bubbles, fine-grained, compact and uniform with high elasticity. The moisture of the product does not exceed 38 percent and its sensory characteristics, such as smell, taste and freshness, are kept up to 5 days from date of manufacture.
The operations of cultivation and harvesting of the wheat and the operations of the production and packaging of the loaf Dittaino PDO must take place inside of the production area in order to ensure traceability and control and to not alter the quality of the product and its peculiar characteristics defined.


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